Sunday, October 01, 2000

Matt D. is such a smart-a**
I feel compelled to mention Tuzman, or Jon, as he rathered I call him... He is a wonderful person. Nice, considerate, sweet, intelligent... Someone truely special. I suppose I am someone special to him, also. Being that we are so far away (2 hours) it is proving most difficult to reach a conclusion as to what we will do regarding "us". He says he has never met anyone like me. Once again, this statement haunts me. I guess that it is a good thing, but one tends to worry when so many people fail to find reasons as to what makes you YOU. I ask why they see me as sompassionate. They say, "it's just the way you talk, it's just the way you look at people". I inquire as to if I am attractive or not... They say yes. I ask why. I get "I don't know. I just see it." It is not really inportant anyway. But I digress... Tuz.. Er, uh, Jon, says he never met someone would loves to just sit with someone and stare into their eyes. I never told him why I do that. I do that because I love him so much. I peer intently into his eyes, and I fancy to lose myself in their deep brown depths. He has such beautiful eyes, really. I sound hung-up on him. Imagine. I, who had never before uttered such phrases privately to show how smitten I was to a person, at present revealing my most coveted thoughts to the web, of all places, where any JoeBob Psycho can investigate into it. Screwy, ain't it?
I find that each thing I do, say, or think is executed with a drive; with a passion. I cannot concieve myself as being any other way. I tend to ponder deeply whatever thought may cross my mind, not unlike that of a crow flying for a shiny piece of foil that has caught it's eye. Like the crow, which flies eagerly towards the luminescent, glowing object mindless of any danger in the way, I consider every little glimmer of a thought that comes into my mind with the upmost solemnity, regardless of how it may hinder me. Yet I hate to waste my time. How ironic. You see, though, that by probing in-depth, every thought I come up with, I will eventually build it into something greater. There is a method to my madness, after all. Most people say I am unlike anyone they ever met before. I suppose that to be true.
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